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 the boy and the girl- a oneshot story

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PostSubyek: the boy and the girl- a oneshot story   Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:34 am

Title : The Boy and The Girl
Rating : K+
genre : romance, hurt/comfort
Disclaimer : The plot and the character belong to me.

Once live a girl. She lived in a beautiful country called Illusion. Today she found her friend, that love hiding so much. So that day she decided to ask. “Why do you love hiding so much?” the girl asked. From the corner of the room, the boy answered “because you wouldn’t see my tears”. The girl smiled, she walked slowly and carefully to the sobbing little boy. “it’s fine, everybody cry” the girl said slowly while wiping the boy’s tears. The boy look up and replied “still I don’t want to show you how weak I am”. The girl smiled and said “cheer up, you’re not weak” and she left, satisfied.
They grow up to love each other. At that time when the go on a date. The boy bought an ice cream for the girl and left her alone in the bench at the park. The boy walked home, with a happy face. He started coughing up blood, when he arrived at home. While the girl was confused why the boy left her alone in the park. So after a few days she visited the boy, and ask “why do you leave me in confusion?”. The boy looked up to her kissed her cheek and whispered “because I didn’t want you to see the harsh truth”. Then the boy left the girl in his room, he was satisfied.
Few years passed by. The girl started to learn about the boy sickness. She was worried and mad. The boy never told her about this. She was his most precious after all, then why the boy didn’t tell her this? So, that night she visited the boy’s home. She slapped the boy hard, then fall to her knees crying. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked while sobbing. The boy lifted her chin, kissed her lips and answered “because I don’t want you to worry”. The girl hugged the boy and cry in his shoulder. The boy patted the girl’s back and said “cheer up”. So the girl smiled to him, and left the house, satisfied.
Time passed by, they got married. The boy’s sickness got worst each time. Still he never told the girl about this. He always leaved her in confusion with the medicine’s and doctor’s bill. The girl decided to asked the boy “why did you do this? You know you need to tell me”. The boys stared at the girl’s eyes calmingly. “Because with that at least you know that you’re precious to me” the boy answered and cupped the girl’s cheek. Then he left, satisfied.
The sickness got worst, the boy must go to the hospital. After a while, they run out of money to pay the hospital bill. So, the girl worked hard to pay it. When she told the boy about this the boy rejected the money, and use what’s left in his bank account. The girl was confused. She decided to ask the boy. “Why do you rejected me at times?”. The boy smiled a weak smile at the girl, he patted the girl’s head and answered “Because it’s the best decision in order to save you”. The girl was confused, in order to save her? She’s fine. “I’m fine, you didn’t need to worry about me” the girl said again. The boy smiled again and said “don’t push yourself to hard, I don’t want you to be tired. The angel will take me soon to heaven”. The girl cried for a while then go to sleep, satisfied know that he loved her very much.
The boy started to get very sick. They both know he will die, soon. The doctor diagnosis said he will live only 4 days more. Sadness overwhelm the girl. She didn’t want this day to come. Still she can’t fight fate. Days starting to pass by quickly. The fourth day had come. The last day they’ll ever meet one another. The girl looked at the boy, he was pale still his face was bright to see her. She asked the last question to the boy. “Do you know how much I love you? I’ll sacrifice myself for you”. The boy open his eyes, he looked at the girl calmingly, he stared at the girl and he replied, whispering “Yes I know that. Still I love you even more, so that you wouldn’t need to sacrifice anything for me. You didn’t need to sacrifice yourself for me because I’ll sacrifice my self for you”. The girl leaned forward and kissed the boy. The boy smiled and closed his eyes. His breathing has stop, his heart slowly stop and become unmoving. The boy’s face become pale and his body feels cold. Still his face hold the same calm smile, the one that he always show to the girl. The girl touched the cold face of the boy and smiled. Then she looked up at the sky, she saw the sun shining brightly at the boy’s body. She saw the boy’s face at the sky smiling to her and moved his lips that created words “I love you, always” . The girl left the room, smiling. She know he will always be with her, because he loved her, and she loved him. That fact wouldn’t change, forever. Right now they are both satisfied.

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the boy and the girl- a oneshot story
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